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Nigel Sizer, Chief Global Alliances Officer at Rainforest Alliance

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

We interview Nigel Sizer, Chief Global Alliances Officer of Rainforest Alliance. Nigel holds Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees in natural sciences and tropical forest ecology from the University of Cambridge.

He's the former global director of the Forests Program at the World Resources Institute. Nigel led a hundred-person team across Africa, Asia, and Latin America and launched path-breaking partnerships, including the award-winning Global Forest Watch and the Global Restoration Initiative.

He takes us on a journey from exploring the remotest of countries, our broken relationship with nature and the complexity of balancing sustainability, worker welfare, and improving the economic stability of farmers that power our global supply chains.

We explore the unprecedented exploitation of animals, zoonosis, COVID-19, and how a comprehensive pandemic prevention program of between $10 to $20 billion could save an estimated $30 trillion in economic losses.

For an aspiring conservationist; be bold, stay true to your values, immerse yourself in nature and take your passion and wisdom to fight for change.

Thank you, Nigel. To learn more:

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