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About Us

Welcome to Earth Live

In 2014 we founded the conservation technology company Earth, a public benefit corporation working to build technology and strategic partnerships for the protection of our forests, oceans and biodiversity.

Along our journey, we’ve had the honour of meeting some incredible people working on the frontlines of conservation to make Earth a more sustainable and healthier planet.

Our goal is to bring these stories to life and provide interviews with leading conservationists, activists, business leaders and policymakers.

In 2021 we teamed up with The Commonwealth Club to create their new People and Nature forum and have begun streaming interviews via their platform. 

To support our work, please join us here.

With thanks,

Andrew & Kirsten Dudley
Co-Hosts & Producers
Earth Live


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Co-Host & Producer

Andrew Dudley

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Co-Host & Producer

Kirsten Dudley

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Production Assistant

Elliot Dudley

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