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Etelle Higonnet Senior Campaign Director, Mighty Earth.

Earth Live interviews Conservation Hero Etelle Higonnet, Senior Campaign Director of Mighty Earth.

Working tirelessly on the frontlines of conservation and human rights issues, Etelle and her intrepid team take on the largest companies in the world, advocating for them to become better stewards of our planet and more mindful of their impact on worker welfare.

Speaking nine languages, Etelle has worked in some of the most dangerous countries in the world and is no stranger to having guns pulled on her as she looks out for our planet and the most vulnerable.

From the Harkin-Engle Protocol to taking on the chocolate, beef and palm oil industries, she talks about the power and importance of whistleblowers, providing valuable insights into what it takes to get companies to change their ways and advice for the role we can play as individual consumers and voters.

Etelle exemplifies what it means to be a Conservation Hero and is a role model to us all, especially young women aspiring for a career in conservation and human rights.

If you have any information you would like to provide Mighty Earth or wish to make a donation, please visit their website here.


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